Totally overwhelmed that my first video blog has been viewed by over 2500 people! Thank you for your continued support! 

I’m writing this as I am on dialysis, completing my first week of home training! It’s been an eventful but great week, me and Mum work well as a team and when things don’t go to plan we haven’t panicked.

I’ve managed my needles all week myself, some days it takes longer than others (by fiddling and pulling the needle out a bit abs readjusting them).  Today I had to take the needle out completely and re-insert it, but I didn’t feel worried and I didn’t panic. 

It’s all a case of trial and error with where to put the tape and gauze so that it’s comfy but keeps the needles still. 

Tomorrow I’m having a day off and have got the Transplant Sport Volley Ball Tournament in Manchester to look forward to.  Me, A and the Olds are going along to the event to support the Liverpool team and then we are all going for a meal afterwards. 

On Sunday we are doing our first solo dialysis session… Eeek! 

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