Riding Solo… 

Yesterday me, A and the Olds went to Manchester to support the Liverpool Transplant Sports Team in the volleyball tournament.  We watched them play 5 games, they played amazingly well.  None of them had played much before and they had never practised together ever!! 

We left early as I was shattered and needed a nap. We left them all to it and soon got the news we had won bronze! (Well done guys!)  I had a good couple of hours sleep in preparation for a meal I had organised for the team at Frankie and Bennys at the Trafford Centre.  We all had a lovely evening! 


(Mum was there but she’s not too good at selfies!) 

Today was the first dialysis session with no nurse present.  I was a little bit nervous, it’s still hard to believe that I’m allowed to stick massive needles in my arm my self, it’s still hard to get my head around this is what is keeping me alive! I had a little bit of trouble with one of my needles and had to take it out and re-stab myself using a different technique but once I did that it was fine.    

It’s so great to have the freedom to do it when I want to.  I’m watching Sunday Brunch (which I would be doing anyway.)  My brother is downstairs visiting the olds with my two nephews so I’m not interrupting their plans either by having to ask them to take me to hospital!  

This also means I have a little visitor who is very inquisitive asking lots of questions “what does this do? What is that for?” 

Riding solo feels a little nerve wracking but very exciting… 


One thought on “Riding Solo… 

  1. I am amazed by what you have adapted too – not that it’s a choice you’d want! The self sticks with the needles would be counter to anyone’s natural thinking (anyone who cares to preserve themself). Your family and A must suffer with you and I pray for you, with many I’m sure, that a compatible transplant will take place soon.


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