Nippy dip

In amongst all the happenings in the last couple of weeks I have also signed myself up to the NIPPY DIP!

On New years Day I will be taking a dip in the Irish Sea at New Brighton to raise money for ‘R Charity’ which is the Royal Liverpool Hospital Charity.  They helped me through my first transplant and have supported me greatly this year in my Home HD training so it’s only fair I should give something back.

This is the perfect challenge for me at the minute because stamina and physical exertion is a no go because of fatigue and my general health.   I’m not silly though, the olds will be accompanying me on the day with flasks, towels and blankets.  I have also been advised to put waterproof dressings over my graft site on my arm to ensure it doesn’t get wet and lead to infection.

I’m going to leave my JustGiving link here incase you feel inclined to have a read and spare a pound.  Every little helps.


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