I did it!

Thank you so much for your support and sponsorship.  I’m proud and overwhelmed to have raised £890 (so far) for the incredible ‘R’ Charity which is the Royal Liverpool Hospital Charity.

I can’t run a marathon or do triathlons but trust me this felt exactly like I had run a marathon.   When I dunked down in the water it took me breath away and I instantly panicked, it took me while to get it back.  It was all hands on deck to keep my modesty whilst I changed and got warm.  I was surprised how quick I warmed actually, I was a bit concerned about my graft arm as I it usually feels the cold more than my left.  It was numb all the way down to my fingers for about half an hour afterwards but soon came back (and it’s buzzing away as normal).

Here are some photos from today, thanks again for your support it is very much appreciated 









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