A bad week

I’ve neglected this blog recently. It’s been a tough couple of weeks.  I had a really bad day last week with the needles and I had to stab myself 6 times in all rather than 2.  Not sure why this was but it left me downhearted and with a very sore arm!

There was also problems with the machine, which meant I had to cut a session short and on a separate occasion there was air in the machine and I didn’t know how to fix it which meant I lost the blood as it clotted off.  This left me feeling quite poorly afterwards. 

Although they were faults with the machine it left me feeling quite vulnerable and doubting whether I made the right decision about doing it at home altogether.  

I feel like a burden and an inconvenience but I think that’s only natural and the olds are great and don’t make me feel like that, it’s just me.  It’s hard having to plan things so meticulously, someone has to be with me when I do it and I can’t leave it too long between each session.  But when I really think about it the positives of doing it at home definitely outweigh the negatives, it is a stressful thing after all its keeping me alive and if something goes wrong it can be dangerous – it’s a lot of responsibility. 

I’m bound to have good weeks and bad weeks and I’ll soo bounce back.

I have been posting a lot on my Facebook page Transplant, Tantrums and Tiaras.  Feel free to have a nosey! Here’s what you have been missing…


A visit from my Goddaughter – Isla


A gruesome leaky needle!


An overprotective doggy!


The engineer fixing the machine!


Today – blood test day.




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