So since April I haven’t managed more than about 3 days dialysing at home.  I am back to travelling to The Royal 5 times a week to the Home training unit.  Some days I get one needle in, most days I get none in and the nurses have to take over.  Frustrating is an understatement.

Everytime I have a procedure to try and fix the graft it moves and I have to change the way I needle.  It also becomes really tough and the pressure that has to be used to get the needles in is almost unbearable.

Friday was a particularly bad day, 12 attempts in total to get the needles in.  I don’t mind needles, I’m not needle phobic but 12 seperate stabs of 16gauge dialysis needles made for not a very happy Holly.  There were tears, from me, Mum and also the 2 nurses looking after me (think it was because I was upset – it just shows how much they care).

My arm has been pretty tender since but I’m still managing to dialyse through it.  I feel like saying come and take the machine away from my parents house.  I feel like its such a waste and also a tease it sitting there when I can’t use it.   Once I got home I realised the true benefits of Home dialysis and being in charge of my own care, now I feel its been snatched away and my life is back revolving around hospital visits again.

An emergency scan on Friday showed the narrowing is back with a vengeance so no doubt I will be called in for another ballooning procedure to try and sort it.


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  1. Sorry you’re having so much trouble, I know what you mean about home dialysis, every time they want be to dialyse at the unit I do my best to get out of it


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