RHS Flower Show

​Yesterday I went to the press launch of the RHS Flower show at Tatton Park.  I went to visit a special garden.  This garden was designed and built by an ex transplant nurse, Alison.  The idea is that instead of having appointments in a drab hospital room you would be able to have it in the garden instead.  

Afterall it’s not always good news and the distraction of some pretty flowers and a peaceful environment may help the situation slightly.   The leaflet to go alongside the garden “The Waiting List” includes details of the Transplant Games and how to join the Organ Donor Register.  Once the show is over the garden will be rebuilt at a local hospital to be put into use.  

The leaflet about the garden.

The sign about the garden.

Comlplete with a Gold medal – throughly deserved. 

Alison (the designer) and I in the garden.

The Bench 

Beautiful sculpture in the garden

The official artist for the RHS, paiting the garden.

Find out more about the garden here.

Find out more about the designer Alison here. 


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