Scare tactics 

Everything seemed to be against me.  I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired but I refuse to sit around and feel sorry for myself.  The past few weeks there have been tears, I am usually pretty good at putting my brave face on but I’m so frustrated recently that it all had to come out eventually.  And it did. 

Last Friday I was told that if I can’t master my needles again they would need to put a neckline in.  Now I hate necklines but it wouldn’t have been such a big deal had it not been for the fact I’m going on holiday in September.  You can’t get a neckline wet (even in the shower) and for me holidays are all about swimming in the pool and sea… especially when our hotel has a waterpark in it! 

Anyway fast forward a few days and I’ve managed 4 days in a row at home, this is the most I’ve managed in a good few months!  The threat of a neckline must have worked wonders! 

The nurses have marked me up with a surgical pen so I know what angle to put my needles at and that seems to be helping (even if I do look rediculous with pen on my arm).  Fingers crossed things continue and I can remain at home and steer clear of that neckline! 

Few pics of recent days… the kids came round while I was dialysing and decided they would help! 


3 thoughts on “Scare tactics 

  1. Hopefully the needles will behave themselves and you manage to go on holiday. Where about you supposed to be going? We’re supposed to be going over to Tenerife in September, got dialysis booked but not the holiday as yet. It may not happen as we’ve just had to pay out £400 to the vets for my dog, she’s my baby so has to come before a holiday. May still may get there, got a few options open yet. X


  2. Nurse Abby and doctor Ollie look like they know what they are doing. They certainly made me smile and I’m sure they are a happy distraction for you. Keep that beautiful chin up hun. Much love xxx

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