British Transplant Games 

Tomorrow the British Transplant Games begins in our hometown of Liverpool! How exciting! Over 900 people who have had live saving or life changing transplants take part in over 25 different sports.  The Liverpool team itself has over 35 competitors. 

I’m disappointed I can’t take part in as many things as I would like to but I will be doing the 10pin bowling on Friday and possibly the ball throw on Sunday.  

I have also had the honour of being asked to speak before people take part in the donor run on Saturday, what a privilege.  I was originally signed up for the 3k donor run but I think I was being optimistic, I’m just not well enough at the minute, but at least if I speak I will feel like I am doing my bit.  

The games is an amazing chance for people to honour their donors and the amazing gift of life we have all received.  I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends and making new ones, the social events over the weekend are always great and a personal highlight! 

If you are around Liverpool the next few days please come and show your support, theres the opening ceremony in and around the Albert Dock and exhibiton centre, track and field at Wavertree amongst other things.  

The games bring great economic growth to the home city but it is also used as an opportunity to encourage people to sign up to the Organ Donor Register.  If you haven’t thought about it before please consider it, the aim is to get 10,000 new names on that register, you could be one of them! Don’t forget to have that #donationconversation and share your wishes with your loved ones. 


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