The Games

The Transplant Games in Liverpool were amazing.  Tiring but amazing.  I was so proud to walk with the team during the opening ceremony, it was a walk along the waterfront and then a gathering in the exhibition centre on the docks.  The walk wasn’t that long but to me it felt like a marathon and by the end I was in quite a bit of pain and had zero energy but it was so worth it.  

Friday was my first event.  I dialysed in the morning at The Royal as there was some concern over one of my needles being too far out during dialysis, this took a while to rectify and I was late to registration of my event, thankfully my Dad and A went down to the bowling alley and registered for me and Mum and I rushed straight from the hospital.   I lost my first game and won the second (including 2 strikes).  I went home for a sleep and then travelled back to Liverpool for the social Loud Shirt event.

Saturday was busy as I attended my Goddaughters 1st birthday party and saw my nephew who was celebrating his 2nd birthday and then travelled back to Liverpool for the donor run.  I had the privilege of being asked to start the donor run and read a poem to the hundred of people on the start line.  I was super nervous but tried to read it slowly.  I was originally meant to walk the donor run (3k) but I am just not well enough, dialysis drains every bit of energy from me and I am also suffering extreme pain in my legs.  I was going to wait at the finish for my olds and A but Mum convinced me to stop being vain and do it in my wheelchair.  Very proud of the medal I got for completing it even if I didn’t walk it.  After that we had a team meal together in a local pub. 

Sunday was track day and I took part in another event – the ball throw.  I came 4th and managed to throw over 14metres, which wasn’t bad with no practice.  We stayed at the track for a while watching various events, the sun was shining and the little kids races were totally inspirational.  The general atmosphere and camaraderie is very special.  Its a great advert for the good that organ donation can do and a great way for participants to honour their donors.  

Sunday was the icing on the cake. The Gala dinner.  One of our team mates Chantel did a stunning performance of wind beneath your wings and search for the hero inside yourself.  It was goosebumpy good and we were all up dancing.   The night then continued with a Beatles tribute band the Cheatles and then a DJ.  There were many dance offs! 

It had been a long 4 days but so worth the level of tired I am still feeling now.  Will leave you some photos… 

3 thoughts on “The Games

  1. Came over from Bolton with my mate Gary Taylor from Leigh on Sunday to watch the track and field, a day of mixed emotions as I retired from the games ( way too early ) in 1991. I was very competitive at track and field and won a number of medals in the three years I competed. Been thinking that if I got another Transplant I could come out of retirement for more sedate events, unbeknown to me till a few days ago that I am still eligible to compete, even on dialysis due to previous transplants (3). Really wish I would of known this earlier and may well of been able to compete this year.
    Keep up the great work with the Orgamites campaign and keep well x


    1. I know gary and spoke to him at the track but you obviously weren’t with him at the time. Maybe se you in Scotland nexg year now you know you can compete. Best wishes x


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