Pain in the bum

Yes. I am a pain in the bum… but I am actually having pain in my bum, well not my bum but my hips.  It started off over a month ago and came on when I had been walking half an hour.  Now I am struggling to walk anywhere without pain.  I get down on the floor to play with Buddy and can hardly get up, stairs are a nightmare and I’m even finding it hard to get comfortable in bed at night.  

I’ve told the nurses and they have mentioned that it may be the start of renal bone disease.  I had blood taken on Wednesday to check the levels of my Para-thyroid hormone, which controls calcium in the blood and will also indicate if this is the problem.  Until then I’m popping paracetamol (although its not touching the pain really).  If the above is the issue there are some tablets I can take to try and help. 

This brings it home that the kidneys do a lot more than just filter blood.  They regulate so much.  I’m not really used to being in almost constant pain, theres been pain after operations and obviously brief pain when putting my needles in, but this is something new to me and something I could do without as its stopping me doing things.  Hopefully it will get sorted. 


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