Never lose yourself…

​”You will lose friends, you will gain friends, but what matters is that you never lose yourself. Our limits do not define us, but they are a part of us and we must recognize not just our own but the limits of others as well.”

This is taken from a really interesting article which can be found here, it really resonates with me :

Although dialysis is going well at the minute I am finding my energy levels are absolutely shot and my physical ability due to pain in my legs is restricting me.  This doesn’t mean I am going to sit in the house and not do anything, if you are friends with me on Facebook you will see I still go out and about.  

A and I have become very good at adapting days out, ocassionally I will use my chair or we will go somewhere that doesn’t involve much walking (usually walking from bench to bench).  If I’m not well enough to enjoy a day out but want to get out the house, A will take me for a drive.  What Facebook doesn’t show is the recovery, how long it takes me to get back on track if I’ve used all my energy on a day out.

I refuse to sit about and let kidney failure define me but I do need to recognise I have limits, but I can adapt the way I do things.

 I really appreciate the friends that still visit and still invite me.  It means the world.  Those that don’t, it’s their loss. 

I will not lose myself. 


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