Big News… 

​ So when you go to clinic and the doctor says we are running out of options you know it’s not a good a sign.   This was back in June.  My dialysis access was not improving with all of the procedures and it was also becoming dangerous to the rest of my arm and hand.  
Live donation was mentioned again.  As regular readers of my blog know I have always been against this.  I don’t want someone I love to go through an operation they don’t need and all the risks that come with it.

However when access became such a huge issue I agreed that my Mum could go through the testing to see if she would be suitable to be my donor.   This was a big decision for me but Mum didn’t hesitate and jumped at the chance.  

In August the worst happened and my graft clotted off, I had a neckline fitted and Mum’s tests were rushed through.   

We had to cancel our holiday and dialysing at home was no longer an option.  Things seemed to be going from bad to worse.  My neckline didn’t seem to want to play ball either and has had to be manipulated back into place twice since I had it put in. 

All the while each of Mum’s tests came back with good results.  Part of me wanted them to say she couldn’t do it so it got her off the hook, part of me was thinking about all the things I may be able to do again if things were to go ahead.  I also thought about the effect of the operation on my Dad and A but also conflicting with the fact that my parents would also have more of a life if things were sucessful. 

4 months of testing and here we are.   Everything is a go. My Mum is giving me a kidney.   I still can’t believe I am writing that let alone that it is going to happen…. this month! 

Lots of thoughts going on at the minute, worry for my Mum mainly.  How do you thank someone for being so selfless and giving me life… for a second time!  She is my Mum, best friend and now my hero.   I intend to do everything I can to look after my new little kidney bean and I am looking forward to many happier times ahead all thanks to my Mum.  Thank you will never be enough.

I’m not going to reveal the actual date of our operations but A or I will keep you up to date when we can on both Mum and I. 


3 thoughts on “Big News… 

  1. Totally understand this. When my mum came forward I said no. After all she is my mum. She is very active, work’s, looks after my dad, her grand children who give her so much pleasure and happiness. She did not hesitate but I was not so sure. I went to every hospital test she had (loads all around last Christmas) I had to see the renal counsellor as I had so many issues about this. She is my mum! Sadly we couldn’t go through as they found something wrong with my mum’s kidney. BUT I’m so pleased now she had the tests because now the hospital is treating the issue they have found. Because of that I’m so grateful. We would have never found out if she didn’t offer her kidney. Very mixed emotions. I was lucky to have my step-dads kidney 8 years ago. I’m back on the list now.
    Wishing you lots of good wishes for you both. Stay strong ☺


  2. Speaking as a mum – I’d do anything for my children. It’s not a sacrifice, it would be out of a very deep special love.

    Your mum is wonderful. Just love her.

    Lots of good wishes to you both. I look forward to hearing how you get on. You have been so brave.


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