The cat is out of the bag…

​Thank you so so much for all your lovely comments, both Mum and I appreciate them very much and it’s so lovely to hear people say nice things about my Mum.  I’ve always known she was special but this gift is something else.  
So while the cat is out of the bag I thought I would let you In on some things I am most looking forward to.  Although it is possible the date may change and also the operation can be cancelled for other reasons on the day too, so we are still being optimistically cautious.

I’m looking forward to:

Having a normal Bath or shower – not having to worry about getting my neckline wet.

Drinking as much as I want (not alcohol just fluid in general)

Eating whatever I want – not worrying about potassium and phosphates.

Having a wee! I have about 2 a day at the minute but there’s no volume there, it’s just because the urge is still there. 

Walking.  Going shopping.  Taking Buddy for a walk.  All without getting tired.

Weekends away. Holidays.

Not waking up in the morning in pain, or feeling I could sleep for another 8 hours.

Finally, being free from dialysis.

Transplant isn’t a cure just another form of treatment, although there will be a strict follow up and drug regime  (with some lovely side effects) it is a small price to pay for the quality of life I will get back.

This list is only the start and doesn’t include the changes it will make to my families life either.  I realise how lucky I am to have been given this opportunity and realise how special my Mummy is xxx


One thought on “The cat is out of the bag…

  1. Holly😥 You and Mum and all your loved ones are forever in my prayers for a real cure. I wish the pond weren’t so large! Then I could cheer you and Mum up with my droll American wit! 👯


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