Long time no blog! 

I’ve neglected this blog a bit but im determined to keep my foot back in the writing water… it keeps my brain active and keeps me out of trouble (most of the time!). 

The past few weeks have been a bit up and down.  I didn’t write much on Facebook as I didn’t really want to admit to myself or Mum that I was actually worried. 

A few weeks back I had a really bad water infection and was put on two lots of antibiotics.  My kidney function took a hit and it didn’t really recover (it still hasn’t really).  It took a lot out of me and this shocked me.  Before this I was down to monthly visits at the hospital but now I am back between 1 and 2 weekly visits so they can keep a close eye on me. 

They are constantly tweaking my medication to make sure they have sufficient immunosuppression to keep the kidney from rejecting but not too much that it damages the kidney.  My sodium is low and calcium is high  (which may explain why my joints have been giving me grief – they have been painful and stiff). 

I’m writing this because people often think transplant is a cure but it really isn’t, it’s another form of treatment for kidney failure and things aren’t always smooth sailing.  Things can change in a heartbeat. 

I had a scan yestersay of Mum’s little kidney bean and they were confident everything looked well, blood profusion was normal and my veins and arteries are working well.  Ironically I got to meet kidney bean on World Kidney Day! (9.3.17) I will blog about this tomorrow!

They are confident that with my recent changes in medication lots of drinking (water not alcohol unfortunately) will help. 

Being dialysis free is amazing  (thanks to Mum) but the worrying doesn’t just automatically stop, recovery is a long process and the past few weeks we have shown this.  


3 thoughts on “Long time no blog! 

  1. Try not to worry too much, when your ill even just a cold, your creatinine can go up. Hopefully this will come back down to to to pre infection levels.
    All being well I will be joining you as a transplant patient, I have a Live Donor ( my brother ) all ready and waiting, assessor passed and surgeon but he wants to know why and from where I keep getting these bouts of Sepsis before he will go ahead and also what my arteries are like as this will be my fourth Transplant.
    Best of luck and keep your chin up. X


  2. What a great read!! I’m a dialysis nurse and it’s great seeing information like this, the cold yet beautiful truth. Good on you for sharing and all the best!!! For you and your mum 🙂

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