What is your happiest childhood memory?

So this was the journal prompt pulled out of the writing deck by Gemma who I mentioned in my previous blogs. You can read more about her here.

I think this blogging style is going to be harder than I thought!

Thanks to kidney failure my memory is shocking (something that us kidney patients like to call brain fog.) But let’s give it a go as I like to think my long term memory isn’t as bad.

I’m actually going to cheat and not pick one specific day in my childhood… My childhood and upbringing was great, my brother and I were (and still are) both very lucky.

My Mum and Dad were both teachers and worked very hard for everything we had, we didn’t want for anything (but weren’t spoilt brats! At least I don’t think we were). They worked Monday to Friday which meant every weekend was spent together, they always took us places (we very rarely spent a weekend indoors).

We would go to all the local towns and cities, Liverpool, Manchester, Blackpool and Southport etc. Usually finding some amusements and rinsing Mum and Dad for all their 2ps for the machines.

My Mum was born and brought up in Ireland so we spent many a school holiday visiting my Grandparents at the house my Mum grew up in. We were very lucky we got to see the sites of Ireland too visiting the Mountains of Mourne and the Giants Causeway to name a couple. As well as the town where Mum grew up Armagh.

(This is ‘The Mall’ in Armagh where Mum was brought up)

I still remember shelling peas with my Granny at the kitchen table and I can still recall the smell too. I can remember walking through the green fields visiting the cows and horses on my Grandparents’ land and getting stuck in the mud down at the ‘bog’ at the bottom of the field.

I guess the point of this blog is that I can’t pick the happiest moment of my childhood as I remember it all being very happy! It wasn’t about where we were or what we were doing it was the time spent with loved ones. Which as we all know the memories of these are all too precious once the people are no longer with us.

Aid is yet to visit Ireland, maybe we should look at getting it booked and relive some of these childhood memories!

Why don’t you use this blog to think about your happiest childhood memory, would love to hear some.


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